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TCEA is dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning through the use of computers and technology. TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) is a member-based organization supporting the use of technology in education. Founded in 1980, TCEA has been playing a vital role in increasing technology funding and access for PreK-16 schools for 35 years. Our 16,000-member association is led by a grass-roots board of directors, all of whom are professional educators, and TCEA’s offerings all support educators in the field who are enhancing curriculum with digital tools.

Yvonne Galindo

Transportation security administration

puppy walker program


Instructional Technologist/Educator

Hhamilton Born May 2011 was name after Robert Hamilton, member of the New York Fire Department. Died on September 11, 2001



San Antonio Livestock expo 

wine committee Life Member

The TSA’s Puppy Program was created to support the National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program.  The puppy program breeds the dogs necessary for the teams of dogs and handlers created under the National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program.  The dogs who graduate from the program are put into teams with handlers and are assigned to airports or other mass transit systems, while those who fail to graduate are adopted out.  The dogs are bred and trained at the Lackland AirForce Base in Lackland, Texas.

The Puppy Program is a breeding program combined with the Puppy Walker Foster Program.  This is the program that sends the puppies to volunteer families to be raised between the ages of 9 weeks to 12 months.

The puppies are part of the Transportation Security Administration’s Canine Breeding and Development Center. The program, also referred to as the TSA’s Puppy Program, is designed to raise dogs to be explosives detecting dogs within the TSA. Puppies who make the grade when it comes to general health and well-being, socialization, ability to seek out their favorite toy and other factors will move on to the Department of Defense Military Working Dog Program housed at Lackland Air Force Base, 

Also known as San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc. (S.A.L.E.) has grown to one of the largest, most prestigious single events in the city of San Antonio, with over one million visitors entering the grounds each year. The success of S.A.L.E. is attributed to over 6,000 volunteers who give countless hours to the organization. With community, donor and volunteer support, the organization has donated more than $160.1 million to the youth of Texas through scholarships, grants, endowments, auctions, programs and show premiums.