• ​As a CTE teacher and Department Chair I supplied campus technology support for the staff and school.
    • Managed the school website
    • Manage budget, ordering & equipment, coordinating program events, mentoring new teachers, maintain communication between departments and regarding CTE curriculum,
    • Conduct monthly department meetings & any additional responsibilities that are assigned to me.
    • CTE contact at Burbank HS for all Special Education ARD meetings conducted for students that were enrolled in CTE courses. I would review their CTE options for secondary and post-secondary programs.
  • As the School Administration Manager I performed administrative and instructional functions as assigned by the campus principal.
    • Completed Time Track daily schedule,
    • Managed all school scheduling such as special events, field trips, cafeteria, transportation, facility maintenance and upkeep,
    • Plan, manage and supervise extra-curricular programs,
    • Managed school budget and maintain appropriate records for all school fiscal affairs,
    • Prepare and plan disaster drills and drills,
    • Oversee staff and student discipline, health and safety
    • Work cooperatively designated department heads, teachers and members and assume responsibility for the operational and managerial duties in the absence of the principal.

August 2014 - October 2016

Yvonne Galindo

August 1997 - June 2002

November 2010 - June 2014

southside ISD

cte teacher, technology specialist & technology training team

Edgewood ISD

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Instructional Technology Experience

san antonio ISD

cte teacher, cte department chair & School administration manager

  • Collaborate with teachers and other instructional staff to develop curriculum materials and lesson plans that integrate technology
  • Demonstrate and model on a regular basis the integration of technology is all areas and facilitate school participation in technology programs and activities
  • Provide sustained, in depth professional development for campus staff which focuses on the areas of technology integration and best practices
  • Provide frequent feedback to staff members and administration regarding instructional technology and provide consistent and professional customer service
  • Work with the principal and school leadership team to provide access to technology resources and services of the technology facilitator at point of need.
  • Work with teachers and technology staff in the selection if resources that are compatible with the school technology infrastructure
  • Monitor the use of instructional technology to ensure that resources and activities enhance rigorous academic content and the school's mission

My Skills


  •  Microsoft Applications
    • ​Microsoft Office
    • Office 365
    • Adobe Suite
      • Captivate, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat
  • Hardware
    • ​Apple TV, iPad, iPod, PC's and laptops
  • Internet
    • ​Browsers
    • Web Design
  • ​Cloud Environments
    • ​Office 365 One Drive
    • Dropbox
    • iCloud Drive
    • Google Drive  
    • ​Google+

judson ISD

special education Instructional Technology specialist

  • As the Technology Specialist my responsibilities included:
    • Research software and hardware and implementation of the technology in the classrooms,
    • Training of teachers, and administration,
    • Liaison between campus and Technology Coordinator,
    • Troubleshooting hardware and problems, network administration and Computer Lab Development
  • ​Member of the Technology Training Team
    • Trained teachers and staff at Southside Middle School for the Computer Application Training program.
    • Co-designed, developed and implemented the Southside Technology Training Curriculum Manual for the training program.

August 2002 - November 2010

Instructional Technologist/Educator

  • Work cooperatively and effectively with Leadership Team, campus staff and teachers in all areas of the Special Education and Judson ISD.
  • Search for new and innovative ways to improve professional development training and presentation skills.
  • ​Conduct consistent professional development user trainings for eStar and SMART Special Education users.
    • Designed, developed & implemented ½ day and full day training sessions
    • Designed, developed & implemented eStar Quick Reference Guide highlighting screenshots and procedures.
    • Designed, developed & implemented SMART Screenshot Step by Step procedures
    • Designed, developed & implemented one page Jumpstart documents
  • ​Provide consistent and excellent customer service to parents, teachers and staff
  • Maintain Special Education intranet and intranet websites
  • Design, developed and revise department forms
  • Maintain all technology inventories for Special Education department
  • Research and advised leadership team of new technology updates in Special Education